All orders shipped within Canada (except for Nunavut & Northern Quebec) are guaranteed to arrive. If the tracking number shows it wasn't delivered, we will re-send it once for free once an inquiry has been completed.

Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to provide a complete address and a valid name. We will not re-ship an order if a complete address and a valid name were not provided.

*Please also note that we now offer an open delivery guarantee to Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories. While Nunavut and Northern Quebec are not included in this, we will investigate each situation and we will resolve delivery issues to these provinces on their own merit. This means that covering any loss will be at our discretion.

Please Contact Us if any problems arise during your transaction with us.

In the unlikely event of an issue or delay while in transit, Please DO NOT contact Canada Post. Doing so will VOID our delivery guarantee and could potentially result in the termination of your account.

Instead, please contact [email protected] - We will handle all inquiries and as always, we won't let you down.

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