Is Budmail Licensed?
No. Budmail is one of 300+ dispensaries that is NOT operating under Canada's federally-approved medical cannabis program, also known as the ACMPR. To purchase cannabis under the ACMPR, you need a doctor's approval, and you have to register with a single licensed producer.

Why purchase cannabis outside of the medical/government program?
Canadian cannabis consumers may choose to purchase cannabis products outside of the medical program for several reasons, including lack of a "qualifying" medical condition, lack of access to a "cannabis-friendly" doctor, product and category restrictions, potency restrictions, lack of product quality or selection.

Can I get into trouble?
Online cannabis dispensaries have been operating since the 90s, and to date, we are not aware of anyone who has been charged with receiving small amounts of pot in the mail. Having said that, because we are not licensed, a small amount of risk exists on both sides. 99.999% of orders arrive without issue, which is why your order is covered by our delivery guarantee.

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