There are several ways that Budmail ensures the privacy and security of the documents that you send to us, depending on your verification method.

Age Verification by Inverite:

Inverite is our recommended verification method as it is fastest, and it provides the best security throughout the verification process.

All Inverite sessions are protected by end-to-end SSL, using a SHA-256 with RSA encryption. Customer ID data is securely stored at Inverite's PCI DSS 3.2 compliant facility, and encrypted at rest. The PCI DSS standards are the same ones used by banking networks to protect your information.

Age Verification by Email:

For email documents, the data is stored securely on our email server, which accepts encrypted SSL connections whenever possible.

Only team members who work on helping people with account issues can see the ID documents that are emailed to us. We delete all IDs 7 days after successful verification or within 7 days of their submission.

When submitting ID documents by email, you may cover up any personal information that we don't need to see (ex: address, photo, ID number).

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