Why is there a location selector?

You may have noticed a location selector on the product and category pages on our website. This article explains why and how that information is used.

Why do you need to know my Province and Postal Code?
Specifying your province and postal code allows us to better serve you by displaying the most accurate product stock information, determined by your proximity to our eastern or western-based distribution centres.

How does having multiple distribution centres benefit me?
Speed of service, along with selection, quality and customer experience, are the four pillars of Budmail's service. With this initiative, we are working to significantly increase our speed of service by having multiple distribution centres across Canada.

What do you do with my information?
We do not store or use the data you input into the location selector, other than to display the most accurate product stock information on our website. A  cookie is stored in your browser, and can be removed by clearing your web browser history.

Can I bypass the modal popup?
To bypass the modal popup, Login to your account first before browsing and make sure you have an address saved in your Dashboard -> Addresses area.

I still have questions.
Please contact us.

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